Rehearsals in the making for TOP40 SHOW ...Coming soon !


Summer 2017- Every Thursday 10PM  performing in Local venue: Blanche Neige Queen-Mary


September 17th 2016--Fall Showcase Performance-Metamorphose studio-Primal Urge productions


July 17th 2016- Landmark Showcase Festival -Paradox theatre


December 19th 2015-Leonard Cohen And Friends -Vincent d`Ìndy Music Hall


August 16th (2015)-Booby Bird Project/Breast cancer fundraising at Bar le Bievre


Summer 2015-Fundraising Canada Wide+ Quebec for Little Angels Society helping Children Victims of Cancer


July 5th 2015- OH BABY FAIR -Eden Reception Halls DDO


May 2015- United Nations Peace federation- Honouring founder 


April 29th 2015- Angels in the night-Allure Lounge-YukYuk Cabaret


January 2015- Videoshoot


June 2014-Summer Concert -New  Jewish Theatre NDG- (Women shelter)


March 18th 2014-Chinesse Auction- YAvne Academy at Salons Chagall reception halls


April 2013- Inspirational Speach -Brunch at Bais YAacov Academy


December11th 2013- Chanukah Evening- Spanish And Portuguese SYnagogue Halls (Children with Special needs/BANAV)


July & August 2012-Chai Cafe- Russian Center


July  2012 - Chai Cafe (Russian Center-CHAI) 


























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